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How to do Business with Department of State

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36-DepartmentofStateThe Department of State is the final department of the 15 executive departments of the federal government that I am covering. It is the mission of the State Department to sustain a peaceful, just and democratic world and to foster conditions for stability and progress for Americans and people worldwide.

In order to achieve this mission, the Department of State covers a wide range of policy issues including: Climate change; Cyber Issues; Democracy and Human Rights; Middle East transitions; and Human trafficking to name a few. There are also policy issues covering countries including: Afghanistan; China; Pakistan; Syria; Ukraine and others.

This is another one of those departments that has many different facets. They do, however, have an Office of Small Business Utilization (OSDBU) to help facilitate the participation of small businesses in the contracting process. The challenge is trying to find specific opportunities at the State Department.

Due to the scope and complexity of the work done by State, it isn’t easy to find a central procurement resource guide online. This is one of those departments where you will have to do your research. I recommend starting in the “About State” tab in the Plan, Performance, and Budgets section. Here you can find the most recently published planning and performance reports for the department.

The FY 2015 Congressional Budget Justification, for example, highlights funding required for State and USAID to carry out our missions worldwide. With this information, you can see where the department is focusing its efforts and find the programs or projects being funded to find subcontracting opportunities.

If the types of opportunities found at the Department of State are not in your wheelhouse, then don’t fret. Remember this is only 1 of 15 executive department of the federal government. These departments, collectively, represent hundreds of agencies in every sector of business that exists. So if State isn’t your department, then I encourage you to review the articles on the other departments to see where your sweet spot is.

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