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New Boot Camp Offers Road Map to Financial Freedom for Women Entrepreneurs

Learn financial tips for success in the “Can I Really Be Paid That Much” Bootcamp
54-BlessedandRichLogo901415712901MRLOS ANGELES, Nov. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — A new financial bootcamp “Can I Really Be Paid That Much?” paves the way for women entrepreneurs and those in the corporate world to successfully navigate today’s financial challenges and truly earn the money they deserve. This 6-week series offers practical answers to those seeking a financially stable business or career and a debt-free life. Presented by Melissa Cappleman, a spiritual prosperity expert who works with spiritually-open female entrepreneurs and women in corporations who struggle with their value, and is the founder of Cappleman is also the Dave Ramsey Certified Debt-Free Coach for Los Angeles.

Cappleman states, “Helping women resolve their mixed emotions behind handling and earning money frees them to step into their unique brilliance and live the happy, balanced life of their dreams. Many have emotional blocks that keep them playing small. My goal is to provide female entrepreneurs everywhere with a transformation that will free them from their emotional issues and doubts about money. Eliminating these will allow them to break through to the next level in their career and life and enable them to change their financial destiny by changing their money beliefs. My “Can I Really Be Paid That Much Bootcamp” will do just that and more.”
“Can I Really Be Paid That Much?” addresses many of the common money beliefs and fears that hamper the financial freedom desired by so many. The classes cover important topics such as:
You Come First
• Demonstrating respect for yourself – Go Ahead & Rock the Boat
Creating Your Millionaire Mindset
• Money beliefs that keep you poor vs. millionaire money beliefs
Expressing Your Values
• Forgive yourself for past money mistakes – Having integrity with yourself
Getting Out of Your Own Way
• Are your money beliefs causing your pain? Millionaire habits – What’s your formula for success?
Goals & Support Systems
• Values vs. goals – Your support network
Your Soul’s Work
• Love what you do – Getting your needs met for the rest of your life
For those ready to change negative money belief patterns and get paid accordingly, it’s time to take action. Sign up now at For media interviews contact Diana Ennen via email

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