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Personal Data Protection Company Launches New Product

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Businesses have a new option for premier secure transaction processing. Data protection company Tharon Rankins Enterprises has announced the launch of a brand new product that provides an ultra-safe way for businesses to protect their customers’ personal data, as well as their financial transactions.
Beconux is a biometric transaction processing system recently released by Tharon Rankins Enterprises. Functioning similarly to an ATM machine, the new system fuses multiple biometric features and an encryption algorithm to deliver a reliable way for companies to protect financial transactions and personal data. The new system can be utilized by virtually any business that needs to process transactions securely. Leaving no stone unturned, Beconux is effective because it uses multiple biometric features and cryptographic algorithms.
The system’s use of biometric features allows for heightened security when it comes to sensitive data and transactions. In addition, Beconux offers solid 448 bit encryption and the convenience of portability. Beconux intuitively identifies biometric features before processing the user’s request. Then, it approves the transaction that has been performed and dispenses cash.
Beconux is the flagship product from personal data protection company Tharon Rankins Enterprises. “Our priority is to provide products that span across multiple industries for the purpose of securing personal data. We want to design, develop, and test products that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our target industries,” said CEO Tharon Rankins. The announcement of Beconux comes at a time of increasing ATM fraud and identity theft occurrences across the country. Tharon Rankins Enterprises is proud to provide the personal data protection systems needed for businesses across the United States to assure their customers’ data safety.
Tharon Rankins Enterprises also hopes to educate people and businesses about the importance of securing their data and the consequences of data falling into the hands of someone with ill intent. Data breaches cause headaches for companies every year, damaging the reputations of businesses and even affecting sales. By implementing a secure system such as Beconux, Tharon Rankins Enterprises allows companies to further protect their customers and preserve their company’s integrity.
Tharon Rankins Enterprises is currently accepting pre-orders for the brand new Beconux system. Through the company’s website, businesses can learn more about the Beconux Transaction Processing System before pre-ordering. More information about Beconux can be found at
About Tharon Rankins Enterprises
Tharon Rankins Enterprises creates personal data protection products that span multiple industries. The company strives to design, develop, and test products that are tailored to meet the specific needs of its target industries.

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