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Setting Scary Goals

34-canstockphoto21533253I made a 2015 plan for my business like I do at the end of every year. I set achievable goals and I broke them down into manageable pieces, I wrote the goal down and posted it where I could see it all year. The end of 2014 was no different, yet from the time I made the plan until this weekend, I felt like I wasn’t quite finished, like I hadn’t really done the planning. This weekend, I was finally able to pinpoint why I had so much reticence around my goal setting. The reason? I had set a fear based goal.

Last year in many blog post and articles, I talked about the audacious goal I set to triple my business. Sadly, I did not meet that goal; I did however, increase my business by 155% over the previous year. Not bad at all. This year however, I did not set the goal I hoped to achieve because I was fearful I couldn’t reach it. So, during my preplanning sessions, I set a mediocre goal that I thought was achievable instead of the scary goal I really wanted. The scary goal is also achievable; but I’ll have to work a little harder, I’ll have to put some things in place I’ve been talking about for over a year that I’ve yet to make happen, bottom line, I’ll have to step out of my comfort zone.

Goal setting isn’t about being safe. It’s about realistically stretching yourself. And that is the part that I didn’t do when I made my plan. I basically dusted off the plan I made last year and said “this should be good enough”. But no one ever built an empire by being “good enough”, and I finally realized that “good enough” isn’t enough for me.

So, this year’s audacious goal is to increase my business by 260%. That declaration makes my heart race, it makes me excited to proclaim and scares the bejesus outta me. And that reaction lets me know I have finally set the right goal.  Remember, if you shoot for the moon and miss, you’ll land somewhere among the stars.

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